Frequently Asked Questions

What will TechRight help me with?

TechRight and its technicians will help you in your search for new products of technology, asking you some brief easy qualifying questions to ensure we can recommend the best product, or group of products, that will suit your needs.

How much does TechRight cost?

At the moment (during our open beta) all services are COMPLETELY FREE to the consumer. Currently our communication is limited our live chat correspondence. In later iterations, we may include other forms of communication to better aid in your product selections, and those enhancements may have an associated cost. Our hope is that the service will remain accessible to anyone who needs our assistance.

How do I know I'm speaking with people who know their stuff?

Have a brief look at the About Us page and take a few minutes to Meet the Team. If you have any further questions or concerns, consider dropping us a message using out Contact Us page and we will do our best to provide you with the information to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Who are these "technicians" that I will be talking to?

We have assembled a team of people with varying backgrounds of technical knowledge, all based in the USA.

Can I schedule a follow up conversation with a specific technician?

Unfortunately, scheduling is not an easy thing to handle. All of our techs are equally knowledgeable in their respective categories and will be happy to assist you.

If you return to the site at a later date, your previous chats will automatically load and you may scroll through them.

Also, all of our technicians are able to directly communicate with one another, so you may request a specific tech once you return, however we cannot guarantee that the tech will be available.

Technicians are not bound by the number of customers they engage, nor are they paid based on commission. Any tech can help you any time.

Do you offer both goods and services?

It’s more of the service of finding the goods. We never handle any product directly. It is based more around the research, qualifying questions, and finding the best solution that fits your needs, and finding the best price for that solution for you.

In the end, you get a better device, often for a better price than the big box stores, all from the comfort of your computer chair (or couch, or car, or plane, or walking the dog, or by the pool).

Do you recommend specific service technicians to install and maintain my equipment as part of your referral services?

Currently, TechRight does not provide or recommend any installers or support for the products we recommend. All repairs and warranty work should be done through the manufacturer. We are looking into options for local partners for installations.

If I'm not ready to make a purchase, can you email me the links to the tech I need for later?

Any links that are posted in a chat with a TechRight technician will only be valid for 24 hours. If the link happens to be one of our previously reviewed products in our Tech Articles, then the links will continue to be valid as long as you link from the article page itself.

What should I do if I have an issue with the technology I purchased at the recommendation of TechRight?

Depending on the issue, you should follow the store/sellers standard return policy, or the consult the manufacturer’s warranty information. TechRight never handles any products directly, and cannot verify the functionality with 100% certainty. The purpose of the live chat session is to gather as much information as possible from you, the consumer, to be as confident in our choices as we can be. Often, our techs will recommend multiple products that will suit your needs, and you can choose the one you feel is the most suitable.

Are employment opportunities available with TechRight?

Employment at TechRight is still a unique situation as we are in our Beta phase. If you feel up to the task, feel free to email your resume and contact information to As we continue to grow and expand, more and more opportunities will become available, and we will go through the candidates at that time.