About Us


Looking for tech, but don’t know where to begin? Consider us your starting line!

We specialize in giving you personal service to help answer your questions and find the best product to suit your needs. Our technicians will ask a few simple questions to get them on the right track, and then they will do all of the research for you!

We will give you several product options that will meet or exceed your needs, as well as the online stores to purchase them from, complete with pricing and the pros and cons of each. We leave the final decision up to you, but we try to give you as much information as we can so you can make the best education choice.

The product is then shipped directly to your doorstep! Enjoy!


Here at TechRight, we strive to ensure you are presented with the most complete, compatible, cost-effective product to meet your current and future needs. Our goal is to connect you directly with the most capable person to answer and address all of your technology questions and concerns. We have a great team consisting of seasoned IT/technology veterans, not your typical fresh high-school graduate in a blue polo shirt.

All of our techs have been hand-chosen based on their experience and expertise with their product knowledge, not just for their job history and sales numbers. They are grouped into categories based on their knowledge and preferences. While we do encourage cross-training between the categories, you will never be connected with an uninformed technician.


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